Looking for a Recession-Proof Town? Head to Omaha

Looking for a region to find a job? Maybe you should take a gander at the most recession-proof cities in the U.S.

omaha.9.16.10.jpgAccording to The Brookings Institution’s MetroMonitor quarterly gauge of city unemployment data for the 100 largest metro areas across the nation, Omaha, Nebraska is one place to go. As CNNMoney points out, it has a enviable 5.5 percent unemployment rate, compared to the 9.5 percent national mark. Plus, it had the lowest difference in unemployment change over the past three years.

Other cities ranking high on the list include, Austin, Tex, Madison, Wis. and Washington, D.C. Kansas City, Kan/MO jumped into the top 20 as the only newcomer to the list. The Midwest did much better than other areas of the U.S. because manufacturing jobs bounced back in the quarter.

However, you might want to steer clear of Las Vegas, Nev., Miami, Fla. and Stockton, Calif. because the cities ranked in the 20 “weakest performing” areas.

Photo by shannonpatrick17