Looking for a New Job? Two Media Savvy Political Career Paths Pay More Than $70k

In the spirit of Election Day, a piece on Monster caught our eye.

That is, it rounds up several politics jobs which rake in over $70,000 per year. Imagine our surprise when two media-related career paths were included!

High five.

For starters, speechwriters rake in approximately $136,000 (that’s the median annual salary). Although it could be a lucrative path for writers, it is quite competitive.

In the piece, Alex Hays, political strategist, pointed out speechwriter opportunities pretty much exist during presidential campaigns or on campaigns for senior public officials running for office.

He explained, “A governor might have a speechwriter who is also their press secretary. To be a wholly specialized speechwriter you have to be part of a big shop.” But it sounds like being part of a big shop pays off in the wallet.

As for the other media-related job, the public relations manager on a campaign trail will earn approximately $73,500 (yes, that’s the median annual salary again).

If you’re looking to carve your path in this job, particularly in small campaigns looking to gain a lot of experience, Hays said honesty is your best policy. His advice? “Always tell the truth, be accessible and be intellectually honest.”

The good news even if you’re not passionate about politics is that when you’re ready to move on and get another job, you can switch into the corporate world which will likely pay a higher salary and require less hours.

Other jobs rounding out the list include lobbyist, campaign manager, personnel security specialist and policy analyst.