Looking at Monocle Through the Other Eye(s)


Last week the design world was abuzz with Monocle, the new magazine from Tyler Brule, the creator of Wallpaper*. There’s nothing really we could say that would add any more to the commentary out there, but we thought we’d share a couple of interesting bits we’ve found. First was from City of Sound (aka Dan Hill) about the construction on their end of the Monocle website. It’s a great look at the workings behind the scenes of a startup, with all the interesting bits you’d come to expect from Hill. Second, is the always knowledgeable Michael Surtees and his review of the hot-off-the-presses issue. If you want a clear, concise review of the thing, there’s your chance. So there you have it, go forth, read up, and then decide if you’re up for spending your hard earned money on the mag.