Longshot Magazine Announces “Debt” Theme, 48 Hours Remain — And A Chance At $2,000

Today a noon Pacific time, the crew at Longshot Magazine in NYC announced the theme for this issuedebt!

From their announcement:

Yes, we know Washington politicians are also staying up all weekend, debating this figment of the Congressional imagination called the debt ceiling. Forget about that. Or co-opt it. The theme is bigger than their squabble and more interesting than their rhetoric.

That means that from this moment, you have exactly 24  hours to submit your reporting, poetry, photography, and graphics to be printed into issue No. 2 of Longhot Magazine. Again, you have until tomorrow, Saturday, July 30 at noon PST to submit your stuff.

The publication — co-founded by Gizmodo’s Mat Honan, The Atlantic’s Alexis Madrigal, and GOOD Magazine’s Sarah Rich — is a creative magazine produced entirely in 48 hours with stories and art submitted by people from around the world on the web.

For the first time, Longshot opened a Kickstarter account to summon donations for to the magazine. Of the $7,500 goal, they were able to raise $17,007, which will go to editors, other contributors and production costs for the mag.

Thanks to the successful campaign, Longshot is going to pay an extra $2,000 to the contributor who writes its cover feature story (although they do reserve the right to not pay out if there are no stories worth that money).

They’ve also given contributors five challenges to help them get their juices flowing:

  1. Answer this question: I owe ____ for ______.
  2. Tell us how much personal debt you have and when you think you’ll pay it off via this form. (Don’t worry, it’s anonymous and we’re not capturing any personally identifiable data.)
  3. Take a portrait of the person you owe the most. Write a 100 character caption explaining. Submit it here.
  4. Illustrate your own personal debt map. (Hint: You don’t need a GPS. Think.) Submit it here.
  5. Go out and pay off a debt you’ve long had. Then either write up your story or tell us about it via Longshot Radio, which is like StoryCorps on speed.

So what are you waiting for? Get creating, and submit your work here.