Los Angeles Video Editor Documents the Perils of Unemployment

Just before his 99 weeks of Unemployment Insurance ran out in June, 58-year-old L.A. video editor Michael White launched the grassroots support website Unemployed Workers Action Group. As the U.S. Senate this week tries to finalize a tax cuts-UI extension deal that will not help him personally, White is staring at a very scary future.

His wife’s minimum wage job falls $500 short of the couple’s pared down monthly expenses, and White tells the St. Louis Beacon that if a job does not materialize soon, they will likely be evicted. Since the five million other 99ers are also out of luck when it comes to the new legislation, White predicts a substantial rise in homelessness next year.

“I’ve been unemployed twice before in my life, and it’s never taken me more than four to six months to get a job,” he said…

White said that it is a changed job world; he applies for hundreds of jobs but rarely hears anything in response. Though he worked in television for more than 20 years, he calls it “a young man’s game. They don’t like hiring older people.” He is hoping to find work at a nonprofit doing the type of work he has done with the 99ers: organizing members and running a website and social media.

Among the various sections of White’s website is Unemployment Pictures, which allows visitors to post “some funny and some not so funny” photos. The picture above is from the former, bittersweet category.