Local Russian Papers Say A Hurricane Will Strike In Brooklyn; Terrified Immigrants Flee


A hurricane will strike Brooklyn, specifically Brighton Beach, in the coming days.

At least that’s what local Russian media outlets in Brooklyn have been telling the senior citizen-aged immigrant population there. Apparently, we’re not kidding.

The New York Sun reports:

Speculation that a severe storm could soon descend on Brooklyn has been rife among immigrant senior citizens, many of whom are reportedly stocking up on water and medicine in preparation for an emergency that is much less likely to happen than some of the local Russian press and broadcast outlets have reported. “They say we should be afraid, that it’ll come any day,” one woman in Brighton Beach said while eating an ice cream cone on the boardwalk. “I know one businessman who closed his business,” the editor in chief of a local paper, Russkii Bazaar, Natalia Shapiro, said. “He went back to live in Russia until the hurricane season is over.”

The report says that Russian language newspapers have picked up on Katrina-related fear of a powerful hurricane season, churning the sea of fear in the “ghetto” neighborhoods to sell newspapers — capped by a cover story in the New York Russian paper V Novom Svete ran “citing a French scientist who said a tsunami would rip through Manhattan on May 25.” The fear has been so acute that Joseph Bruno, the commisioner of the Office of Emergency Management in New York, has been on a sort of Russian press campaign to address the hurricane fear circulating in that community.

If it were to strike, though, we just hope it would wipe out the trucker hats holding on for hipster life.

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