Live Stream Sensation: The Bald Eagle Reality Show

The Decorah Eagles are captivating America

Move over Wills and Kate, there is a new streaming sensation afoot. Or rather, a-talon. A live streaming feed of a family of endangered Bald Eagles in Decorah, Iowa is capturing the hearts and minds of avian lovers across the United States. People are seemingly responding to the Truman Show quality of the "Decorah Eagles," with more than 95 million viewers logging in since the feed went live last month. 

The feed shows the daily lives of a Bald Eagle mom and dad and their three babies, living life as America’s national mascot. The Raptor Research Project is responsible for the Ustream feed and is hoping the footage will raise awareness about the endangered birds. In the last month, the feathered family has almost quadrupled their viewership, with an average viewing time of more than 6 hours.

To put it in perspective, the Royal Wedding attracted 72 million live streams last month. Though that broadcast was over a much shorter time, Ustream says the Eagles’ reality show represents the most-watched live stream ever. Find out what happens when birds stop being polite and start getting real.