Little Russert’s Big Game

Sure, sure: Daddy Russert had a bit role (for not having a role) in the investigation into who leaked undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity to the press.

But it turns out that Little Russert–Tim’s son Luke–is involved in his own leak situation…if by “leak situation” you mean jacuzzi water spilling over the side of the hot tub because Luke just-so-happens to have convinced Boston College Delta Delta Delta operatives to join him in the “ha-tub.” They may not have been undercover at the time this photo was taken, but somehow we gather that getting under covers was on everyone’s mind when this photo was snapped.


Following in Dad’s footsteps? Likely not. We are reminded of a passage from page 125 of Russert’s latest book, “Big Russ & Me”:

    Luke was my son, but that didn’t mean he was Tim Russert, Junior, or an instrument for Tim Russert to relive his youth. Yes, he’s my son, but no, he’s not me.