Literary Softball Battle This Weekend in Elysian Valley

In what will undoubtedly be one of the least athletic sporting contests this city has ever seen, the staff of LA lit mag Slake is taking on Red Hen Press, the Los Angeles Review of Books and the literary magazine Black Clock in a softball tournament tomorrow afternoon in the Elysian Valley.

Writes Slake associate editor Craig Gaines: “Camaraderie and greater awareness of local publishing are the orders of the day, but if the championship is on the line, I’m rounding third, and LARB’s Tom Lutz is blocking home plate, you can be damn sure I’m going to go Pete Rose–Ray Fosse on his ass.”

The games start tomorrow at noon at the Elysian Valley Recreation Center. Be there…or be…there for what will undoubtedly be a drunken after party. These are a bunch of writers after all.