Glossy Mag Ignores Lindsay Lohan’s Rep

ShutterstockLindsayLohan2013Last week, we wrote about OK! magazine’s inventive Jennifer Aniston cover story. This week, once again per Gossip Cop, it’s deja voodoo all over again as the magazine is making up more great stories. With yet another noteworthy twist.

It’s one thing to falsely allege that Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan hooked up in London. It’s quite another to race towards deadline with that fable after a rep for one of the celebrities has confirmed “Tom & Lindsay: IT’S ON!” is way off. From Gossip Cop associate editor Shari Weiss’ report:

The entire OK! dating premise was a “lie,” Lohan’s rep told Gossip Cop exclusively. Lohan’s spokesperson even revealed to us that she told the tabloid that its story was wrong and laughable, and yet the magazine still chose to run it.

Weiss goes on to expose similar fictions on blaring display this week from In Touch Weekly, Life & Style, Star magazine and The National Enquirer. There’s a separate denial from Michael Douglas‘ rep, but in this nefarious journalism world, greed is good and mislead is even better.

P.S. The masthead for AMI’s OK! American edition is conveniently lacking any information about culpable individuals.

[Photo of Lohan during April, 2013 The Late Show with David Letterman appearance: Andrew F. Kazmierski/]