Lindberg Ends Washington Times Column

Below is a copy of a letter sent from Washington Times columnist Tod Lindberg to the Times:

    Dear Wes, Tony, Diana and all,
    After eleven good years in the weekly column writing business, I’ve
    decided it’s time for me to ring down the curtain. There are some other projects I’ve been devoting increasing amounts of time to in recent months, including my book, “The Political Teachings of Jesus,” which HC/HarperCollins is publishing in June. I don’t ever want to find myself in a position of giving anything but 100 percent to a column or to any of my other ventures, yet it looks like various things are on course for a collision that I really think I must take action to avert now.

    So what began not long after the beginning of the Gingrich revolution
    comes to an end just after the Pelosi reformation. I’ll miss following the hurly-burly with the intensity required to provide running commentary, the requirements of which you both know well, but to everything there’s a season. I can’t adequately express my gratitude for the platform you have provided me so generously and for so long. My most heartfelt thanks.


    Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.
    Editor, Policy Review