Linda Hales No Longer Wearing WashPo’s Design Critic Shoes


This morning, we realized we hadn’t seen Linda Hales‘ monthly-ish design column for the Washington Post rolling onto our radar, so we went looking for it. Turns out her December piece actually announced her farewell from the position, but we hadn’t read it then because the text preview made it seem like it was about shoes, which we didn’t want to read because her previous column had also been about shoes. And what is a design column, really, if it’s about shoes two columns in a row?

Actually, what Hales was trying to illustrate was the way design has worked its way into everyday life, from some kids who designed some shoes to million-dollar baby Marc Newson to the quest for public space, with some rather touching moments as she kisses her beat goodbye. We also learn that the design critic for the Washington Post was not invited to see the redecoration of the Lincoln Bedroom. Shame on you, Bush Administration.

The only question we’re left with is, will she be replaced? Or is there no more design critic at the Washington Post?