Lifehacker Launches Parenting Vertical ‘Offspring’

The first big content stamp applied by new EIC Melissa Kirsch

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A couple of weeks before the Memorial Day weekend holiday, Lifehacker editor in chief Melissa Kirsch sent out the following email to staff. As you can see, it was a good one, formalizing the arrival of a quartet of qualified individuals:

Hello Team Lifehacker,

I’m quite excited to introduce some people who are joining our team in the coming weeks. In addition to two new staff writers joining us, we also have a new social editor and a three-person video team. I know! A lot of people! They’re all really excellent humans, as well as fans of your work (a requirement for ‘excellent human’ designation).

Nick Douglas (staff writer) has been writing online for over a decade, covering internet culture, tech, TV, literature, and the ULINE catalog. He’s edited Gawker’s Valleywag, AOL’s Urlesque, and the YouTube channel Slacktory. He co-created the web series Nick & Siri, Nailed It, and Jaywalk Cop. He lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn with his wife Rachel Fershleiser and their books. Nick starts 5/22.

Patrick Austin (staff writer) is a New York native who has worked for Facebook, Consumer Reports, and The Verge. He’s been a Lifehacker reader for a decade. He’s a Gundam fan, running enthusiast, amateur photographer, and once ran an underground Cronut™ delivery service throughout New York City. (Yes this means we’ll have two Patrick A.’s writing for LH. We’ll figure something out.) Patrick starts 5/22.

Kiran Chitanvis (senior video producer): Since graduating from NYU with an MFA in film and television production, Kiran has worked consistently as a director and cinematographer on projects large and small. You may have seen her work on the lifestyle blog Eat Make Celebrate, in Grubhub ads, or more recently on Viceland. Kiran started today, and she’s joined by producers Jorge Corona and John Dargon whom you may know as they’ve been working on our Facebook Live program.

Caitlin Schneider (social editor) has been an editor for Zagat and Mental Floss, and will talk to anyone who will listen about being from Michigan. She likes space and The Great British Bake Off, has written a horror comic, and plans to get rich one day by opening a hipster cryptozoology museum in Brooklyn. She started on May 1 but has been out of town and will be back this week, and is very excited to work on our Facebook strategy (as well as to take over our Facebook posting).

This on the heels of Alice Bradley joining as deputy editor in April from SheKnows, where she was senior parenting editor. So what have Bradley and the above group got in their sights (Chitanvis and Scheider started, respectively, May 15 and May 1)?

The answer, not surprisingly given Bradley’s expertise (she is also the co-author of humor book Let’s Panic About Babies), is a brand new Parenting vertical on Lifehacker called Offspring. Go check it out.

That’s a very clever, clean logo. Samsung is onboard as the official site launch partner—fresh from their stage-left and stage-right bracketing of the BottleRock music and food festival in Napa Valley. This is the second vertical launched in 2017 by Gizmodo Media Group. In February, Deadspin and Kotaku rolled out esports-focused Compete.

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