Massachusetts Writer to Fox TV: ‘You Lied to Me’

Claims of intellectual theft are nothing new in Hollywood. However, it is a rare instance when the fictional protagonist of the accused thievery clearly stands above the rest as the individual seemingly best equipped to resolve the legal matter at hand.

Plaintiffs Roderick Anscombe and John Hertz insist that the Fox TV series Lie to Me is based on the former’s 2004 novel, The Interview Room. The pair allege that in the summer and fall of 2007, they spent three months adapting the book into a TV pilot script only to be told the network was abandoning the project.

In a perfect, imaginary world, Tim Roth’s series character Dr. Cal Lightman could swoop down into a conference room in lieu of arbitration and determine who really is lying here. Minus commercial breaks, this sort of thing never takes him more than 48 minutes.

Anscombe and LA based producer Hertz appear to have a pretty good case against Fox and production partner Imagine Television. Which means that in all likelihood, this matter will be resolved by means of an “undisclosed settlement.”