Burbank Broadcaster Ditches Hateful Spanish Talk Show

What began as a joint effort by GLAAD and the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) to get advertisers to boycott Liberman Broadcasting’s Spanish-language daytime talk show José Luis Sin Censura blossomed this week into something much more significant. The Burbank-based broadcaster, which was airing the show twice daily on 37 stations across its Estrella TV network, announced the program had been yanked altogether.

José Luis was the ringmaster of a mutated version of Jerry Springer, complete with chain link fence (!) protecting the audience from guests (as well as, perhaps, vice versa). Unlike Springer however, Luis did not bleep, edit or relegate to PPV the naughtier bits. As a result, hateful gay slurs, manhandling of women and more was regularly showcased:

This is a major victory for GLAAD, NHMC and the other organizations that joined the 18-month change.org petition campaign. In a letter to both organizations, Liberman COO Winter Horton wrote that his company would work more diligently to ‘create positive experiences for the LGBT, Latino and Spanish-speaking communities.’