Breaking Down the Big Lexus Hollywood Show

If you didn’t catch the ambitious 3D projection stunt pulled off by Lexus at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on April 22nd, it’s well worth checking out. To promote their newest hybrid vehicle, the auto manufacturer transformed a side of the famous landmark into its very own IMAX-style canvas for “Earth Night.”

Today, Media Life magazine managing editor Toni Fitzgerald revisits the whole affair put on with help from LA’s Pearl Media. As you might a imagine, a massive amount of manpower was required for the 8-to-11 p.m. repeat showings:

The final project employed 16 projectors, each weighing about 400 pounds, producing a total of 240,000 lumens of light shining on the Roosevelt. The equipment was set up on the roof of a garage just south of the Roosevelt, and it took more than two dozen people to operate.