Letters To The Editor Can Also Be Press Releases

A letter to the editor that appeared in the Washington Times last week:

    The Washington Times is an institution of American greatness at both the local and national level. Surrounded by the majority of leftist newspapers, conservatives in the Washington area fortunately have The Times.

    A healthy alternative to the foul and bitter-tasting Washington Post, The Times provides factual sustenance on current events, unflavored by The Post’s usual leftist tendencies and blatant agendas.

    While The Post reeks of grievance and entitlement in its pages, a reasonable and informed fragrance wafts from editions of The Times. The Post’s obvious and boorish cheerleading in 2006 in support of James Webb’s Senate run against George Allen was just one of many examples of its lack of objectivity.

    I feel obligated to disclose that in my household, we do receive the weekend edition of The Post. This is because my wife uses the weekend edition’s coupons to save money when she goes grocery shopping. I cannot argue with this financial incentive, being a committed capitalist. To balance the scales of my conscience, I use the Sunday edition as a dropcloth when cleaning my guns.