Letter to the FishbowlDC Editor

This letter rolled in this week from a reader who prefers to remain anonymous. “Not to sound paranoid, I have a byline of my own and I’m fussy,” the writer explained.

That was a nice response to Joe Williams’ charges.  I would vehemently defend FishbowlDC against any charges that the site has an obvious right-wing bias (and I say that as a leftie).  If, in fact, you are nest of reactionaries, you disguise it very well.  I’ve never seen any trace of bias. On the other hand, FishbowlDC ran a photo spread a couple weeks ago (shots taken at the Supreme Court?) that featured several photographs of people with “big butts.”  That was it.  That was the whole gag….people with large rear-ends.  If that’s FBDC’s idea of humor, you must be seeking an audience of adolescent boys.  Shame!  Shame! I say.
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