Let’s Talk About Sex, Tucker

The Daily Caller’s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson may really be bringing sexy back after all.

Just recently he spoke about the necessity of sex with FNC’s Sean Hannity (clearly the renowned sexpert). The Hill’s Washington Scene blog covered that. In a tweet, the item was promoted, saying, “Tucker Carlson: If you don’t have sex you die.”

On Hannity, Tucker said that “study after study” shows that “you can’t survive without sex”. They were discussing Nev. Gov. Jim Gibbon’s remark that he, a married man, hadn’t had sex since 1995 (despite being accused of groping a woman in a parking lot).

Carlson isn’t shy about sex talk (then again, he’s not shy about much of anything). In January the well-known conservative responded to a question about nipples from Washington City Paper’s The Sexist columnist Amanda Hess. Read that item here.

Hess: “I e-mailed Carlson to ask him about his site’s political ideology, and whether it would embrace nipples. CarlsonÂ’s response: “I can’t promise the site will be areola-free-in my experience these things are hard to predict-but even at this late stage we havenÂ’t settled on a firm nipple policy,” he wrote.

So far, no accidental nipple slips, Hess reports.