Let’s Hear It For the Boy

The LAT posits and interesting argument: Music kinda sucks (and music sales are slipping) because there are fewer female A&R execs than there used to be.

Women buy roughly half of all CDs sold, according to the Recording Industry Assn. of America, and most radio formats target women as their primary audience. Yet, according to the A&R Registry, a directory of professionals in the field, no woman runs the mainstream music A&R department at any major record label. Over the last decade, only two women have helmed A&R pop departments at major labels. The department is the heartbeat of any record company; these talent scouts discover and develop the acts that people hear on the radio and whose CDs they buy


The article suggests that’s not likely to change. So if you like your female artists naked and talentless, and your male bands homogeneous, this is good news for you.