Leonora Epstein’s Tumblr Romance, Presented Without Comment

Leonora Epstein, the scribe behind the Tumblr “tales of a twentysomething” and the author of this post about being thoroughly grossed out by a man who brings condoms to the Hamptons, has written an article titled “Tumblring in Love.” We will now present choice excerpts from this tale of doomed virtual flirtation without comment or judgment.

After the jump, a completely snark-free look at modern love:

“He was on the other side of the Atlantic chatting to me from Amsterdam while I sat in my Williamsburg loft, hugging my glowing white MacBook to my chest.”

“I joined in the spring of 2008, creating ‘Tales of a Twentysomething,’ a record of what it was like for a 22-year-old assistant at a women’s magazine living a broke-but-fabulous life in New York City.”

“I knew the person in ‘Tales of a Twentysomething’ wasn’t me but a branded character – a member of a culture of girl bloggers who were fabulous because they blogged, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the attention.”

“We began corresponding every few days. I was less intrigued by him than I was by his interest in me -or the me I’d constructed through the blog. Conversely, I could tell that David was drawn to the fantasy of my American life, so describing it felt rewarding to both of us. His curiosity made me feel like a celebrity.”

“Thanks to dating emotionally unavailable men over the course of that year, I was left a bit puzzled by David’s ability to discuss ‘deep’ things like I would with a girlfriend. To an extent, this worried me that something was a bit off about him. I chalked this up to David’s being European, and therefore slightly ‘gay’ and, therefore, more open with his emotions.”

“For a time, we conducted our non-relationship entirely within the pale blue corners of my Gmail inbox or in posts on my blog where I occasionally (yet innocently) dropped references to a ‘Mr. Amsterdam.’ One day, we decided to video chat using Skype (‘Taking our relationship to the next level,’ we joked).”

“I was eager to show David the world he had seen on Tumblr.”

“The first part of the week, I wore my best outfits with high heels every day, and (at his request) took him to a media party so he could meet the other characters he’d followed in the Tumblrverse.”

“We were both typing in our heads, but there was nothing left to say.”