New York Illustrator Recounts Magical LeBron Touch

For Elliott Gerard, it amounted to Zero Dark Really!?

Headshot of Richard Horgan

Picture this: You’re getting ready for bed on a Friday night, after a long week. You’re a creative director, at Sportsrocket, and as you take a quick final look at your phone, you see this:

E.g. something you created shared on social media by King James. It happened to Elliott Gerard, who tells Metro New York this week that it was a beyond-surreal moment:

“I was stunned when I saw it. I was about to go to bed… when I looked at my phone and saw our artwork on LeBron’s Zero Dark Thirty post in my Instagram feed,” Gerard told Metro. “I sat ‘What?’ and I sat there in silence for 10 minutes not sure if I was dreaming. Then my phone started to blow up and I had to wake up my wife to show her! It’s been a roller coaster ever since.”

The artwork, inspired in part by Broadway musical The Lion King, was originally created for HP Quarterly, a print magazine put out by Fansided’s Hardwood Paroxysm. In this day and age of quickly supplanted social-media elements, Gerard’s artwork has been parked at the top of James’ Instagram and Twitter feeds since that fateful April 14 Friday. We’re talking, at press time, about 34 days and counting of optimum 21st century exposure.

The Eastern Conference Finals start tomorrow, with Cleveland taking on Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics. Check out some of Gerard’s other work here.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.