Law and Order Becomes Anti-Abortion Propaganda

The new Law and Order episode on Friday (the night series go to die) depicted a late abortion doctor being gunned down in church. Sound familiar? Only the episode had some pretty egregious implications about the murdered Dr. George Tiller and the nature of what he did. The “fictitious” character Dr. Benning, is not only an abortion doctor but a straight up baby stabber:
Kate Harding at Salon puts it best:

Dr. Benning once (or was it only once?) botched a late-term abortion, causing the woman to go into labor and deliver a live baby. So, as any good abortion provider would, he asked the accidental mother if he should “finish the job” and then stabbed the live baby in the head with a pair of scissors. We learn this from the nurse who attended the homicide, then subsequently left the clinic and went to work in a neo-natal unit at a hospital, symbolically converted to the pro-life cause. No one representing the New York criminal justice system ever thinks to ask this nurse why she didn’t, you know, report the murder she witnessed. The important thing, obviously, is that the experience changed her heart. (Also, may we remind you that this story is fiction, any resemblance, blah blah blah? Because this is totally not meant to viciously assault the memory of Dr. Tiller or confirm anti-choicers’ deranged fantasies about him or anything. The disclaimer was right there, people!)

Read the whole piece here.