Laura Rozen’s Telling Farewell to Politico

If you want to see “On Foreign Policy’s” goodbye note from Laura Rozen, it could be found on Politico‘s website on Monday. That’s it. Today, she and the blog are gone as she makes her way over to Yahoo! News. She especially thanks many colleagues and readers. There’s Ben Smith, Ken Vogel and Keach Hagey plus Gordon Lubold, who no longer works for Politico. Strangely missing in her note of gratitude are those bosses — John Harris and Jim VandeHei — who hired her and sung her praises early on. Maybe she mentally clumped them together in that vague “and everybody else” category? We’ve heard from many sources that the departure wasn’t so rosy (and that’s putting it mildly).

See the note…

Note: thank you!

A brief note of great thanks to colleagues and readers. While I have reported my share of foreign policy appointments (mostly correct) over the past couple years at Politico, alas I didn’t break the news last week that I am moving to Yahoo News this month to launch a foreign policy news blog, the Envoy. I have loved and will miss my colleagues and readers at this great space at POLITICO, where one is assured to reach at the speed of light the exact people in Washington’s foreign policy world who are as passionately and obsessively following issues from Iran to the Middle East as I am. Many thanks to all POLITICO colleagues but especially Ben Smith, Josh Gerstein, Jen DiMascio, Ken Vogel, Bill Nichols, Catherine Cheney, Zeeshan Aleem, Allison Silver, Keach Hagey, MJ Lee, Kendra Marr, Chuck Hoskinson, Dave Cohen, Sara Libby, Bob Hillman, Erika Compart, Phil Ewing and Gordon Lubold and everybody else, and to the great readers who have offered feedback, tips, insights, and encouragement. Be well and come visit me at the new site.