LATimes Launches “Top of the Ticket”

From the release:

    With candidates from both parties already jockeying for position, the 2008 presidential campaign promises to be one of the most competitive and closely watched races in our country’s history. To cut through all the clutter, the Los Angeles Times has launched “Top of the Ticket”, a new political blog that brings online users the latest news and information from the campaign trail.

    As such, visitors to the site will be offered daily in-depth analysis from political writers Don Frederick and Andrew Malcolm as well as staff reports from the road, Q&A’s with political players, polls, candidate bios and roundups of chatter from other blogs. In addition, it will reflect a true “democratic” forum by soliciting opinions and posting online chats from users while offering a multimedia experience using photos, graphics, campaign videos and audio links to further engage discussion and involvement in the political process.

    Given the complexities and nuances associated with political campaigns, I thought this might serve as an insightful source for information in your efforts in covering the race for the White House.