LAT Reverses Decision, Runs Doonesbury

doonesbury_we_did_it.jpg The LAT had planned not to run a Doonesbury strip today that Garry Trudeau drew several weeks ago, showing his characters reacting to a Barack Obama victory. Editors were concerned that, since all the poll results would not be in by press time, “in the interest of accuracy, it would be best to wait to see the results of the election.”

But “more than two dozen readers reacted” — a kinda paltry number if you ask us — and the paper relented.

The Reader’s Representative noted:

“We listened to readers like Ann Calhoun of Los Osos, who wrote: ‘Wait. Comic strips now have to be factually accurate? So, this means Rex Morgan is a real doctor, right?'”

Before the editors reversed course, Assistant Managing Editor Alice Short admitted, “I’m very devastated to learn the truth about Rex Morgan.”