LAT: Mediabistro Helped Kill E&P


Yes, we are Cassius and Romenesko is Brutus and we and 20 of our colleagues slain the mighty Ceasar, Editor and Publisher!

Something like that. Geraldine Baum at LAT writes:

Online journalism news aggregators such as Romenesko regularly relied on stories by E&P, linking to them for reporting on a new study or analysis of anything relating to the newspaper industry.

But Romenesko and other free sites such as also snatched readers and job listings that might have landed in E&P’s classified section.

E&P’s more journalistic competitors have also faced cutbacks and reduced their frequency of publishing, but they stay in business with support from nonprofit foundations and university institutes.

It’s not that it’s a trade publication in a trade that’s dying and has lost nearly 40K jobs in two years because they can’t make any money even though the demand for their product has never been higher. It’s blogs. The usurpers!

Look we feel horrible about E&P folding. And Romenesko, et tu, Brute?

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