LAT in 90 seconds – all-LAT-news edition

Dean Baquet axes the Outdoors section. Just when I was starting to think about maybe leaving my apartment sometime. More cuts to follow within weeks. How about the comics? No, seriously, how about the comics? Does the comics section actually produce revenue?

– In an unusually long ‘note to our readers’ Andres Martinez explains the decision to axe Robert Scheer:

Assessing the merits of a column, like assessing the merits of a movie, is a subjective exercise, so readers can agree to disagree over the wisdom of our decision. It’s inaccurate, however, to ascribe ideological motives to our decision to stop running Scheer’s column.

– Meanwhile, Joel Stein makes his first appearance as the regular Tuesday columnist, arguing that nobody should have voted in the special election. Um, okay. I never thought I’d say this, but I wish Joel Stein would keep writing about himself.

Correction of the day:

In an article in Sunday’s A section about the effect of DVD sales on TV series, a caption on a photograph from the show “Lost” incorrectly referred to it as “ratings-challenged.” The series is one of the most highly rated on ABC.