LAT In 90 Seconds

Mad Men, Getting Madder: Scott Collins adds to the uproar by TV critics and boob tube junkies who continuously berate us for not watching Mad Men. They all say we’re missing something… but riddle us this, Collins: If the show is so great, why isn’t it on HBO?

Britney Gives It Up: The 1 1/2-year court battle is over and Kevin Federline gets sole custody of the kids, with Britney Spears allowed visitation rights and one sleepover a week. The decision puts an end to the nasty court case … but not to our profound feelings of pity for the woman.

America’s Next Top Video Blogger? We’ve stated it here before: We don’t watch American Idol, but we religiously read Rabbi Richard Rushfield’s sermons about AI, so we’re happy to report that the good rabbi has added some video to his blogs. The clips are short (and some feature a little too much footage of feet), but if you’re into AI, this will enhance the experience. If you’re not into AI, just read the text. It’s as riveting as ever.