LAT In 90 Seconds

ffawc.jpgChoice Words: In an Op-Ed piece about the medical privacy scandal at UCLA, Farrah Fawcett’s friend Craig J. Nevius takes some shots at tabloid reporters, particularly one from the Enquirer:

Three tabloid photographers who ambushed Farrah at LAX last Thanksgiving as she departed for Germany to receive alternative cancer treatments didn’t seem to think that this turnabout was fair play. They scuttled away like cockroaches under a bright light when I aimed my video camera at them.

Reporter Alan Smith, however, came across as more aggressive — like a rat going after whatever morsel it believes it can make into a meal. coverage.

39175990-23170955.jpgBumper to Bumper: The LAT continues its traffic series with a story about Aundraya Reliford, a commuter who travels from Rialto to Los Angeles. Wouldn’t it be great to read this story, say, on an efficient subway line?

39757744-08134614.jpgReally Dark Knights: Heath Ledger’s family plans to attend the premiere of his last film in New York. They have a right to honor Heath any way they choose, but this creeps us out a little.