LAT In 90 Seconds

34965879-27221523.jpgTina Fey A Fan of The Envelope: We’ve always had a soft-spot for Tina Fey, but it grew 10 times softer when we got to the end of this interview and heard her explain how The Envelope fuels her paranoia during the awards season.

34961399.jpgComing To A Bookstore Near You: Screenwriters have flooded literary agents with, of all things, novels. Hey guys, if people actually read you wouldn’t have had jobs to walk out of.

fkjads;lruil.jpegI Want My Marketing TV? The channel that revolutionized the music industry is hoping to do the same thing for… the advertising industry. MTV is surreptitiously weaving ads into its content in ways viewers might not even realize. Maybe our parents were right about the Devil’s Channel all along.