LAT In 90 Seconds

33786854-14191202.jpgNot So Funny: Comedian Ellen Degeneres is taking heat from WGA East for breaking ranks and pushing ahead with her show. Ellen is a member of both WGA and AFTRA and is one of the few daytime talk-shows to employ guild members. The WGA said: “We find it sad that Ellen spent an entire week crying and fighting for a dog that she gave away, yet she couldn’t even stand by writers for more than one day — writers who have helped make her extremely successful.” Ellen, who risks facing breach of contract issues if her syndicated show goes dark, is between a rock and a hard place — but the guild does have a point about that dog…

33784563-14210754.jpgDone In By Grendel? It seems Crispin Glover lured reporter Chris Lee to his “gargoyle-laden Silver Lake home” under the false pretense that he was going to talk about Beowulf. Instead, Glover shut Lee in his bedroom and screened It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine, the film he co-directed, produced and edited that is about a cerebral palsy-afflicted serial killer who is irresistible to women. We’re guessing Lee made it out of there alive.

33787144-14175916.jpgEveryone’s Talking About: Lowriders. (Well, everyone who isn’t talking about the strike.) The Petersen Automotive Museum is featuring an exhibit about lowriders, and it’s got Dan Neil all happy and waxing poetic: “The Petersen drops a splendid argument in favor of openness and acceptance right in the middle of America’s immigration debate.” We don’t see political statements on Buicks, but take Dan at his word.