LAT In 90 Seconds

33579172.jpgMoment of Truth(iness): Comedian Stephen Colbert has until today to file the requisite paperwork to run for president. “But South Carolina officials said that as of Wednesday evening, they had not received the paperwork or filing fees — $2,500 or 3,000 signatures for the Democrats, $35,000 for the Republicans — to have Colbert join either of the parties’ ballots.” Hmm. Cagey.

francophto.jpgMost surprising em-dash clause of the day: “For far too long, Los Angeles — the largest book-buying market in the country — was stuck with an undeserved reputation as a cultural wasteland where nobody reads.” We’re not a cultural wasteland where nobody reads? Cool. BTW, we’re sure there’s a reason the LAT ran a photo of James Franco with this piece. We just didn’t read far enough into the story to find out.

33573316.jpgNo Prison Break For Lane Garrison: Actor Lane Garrison was sentenced to 40 months in state prison for vehicular manslaughter. He was also ordered to pay nearly $300,000 in restitution, mostly to one 15-year-old girl who was badly injured in a May accident that claimed the life of a 17-year-old boy.