LAT in 90 Seconds

shoot.jpgOn Location: Feature films may still be going Canadian, but there’s been an uptick in the number of TV shows shot locally. In related news, FBLA has noticed fewer disheveled unemployed people taking all the good tables at the Starbucks on Olympic and Fairfax.

mayorv.jpgStating the Obvious: Duke Helfand is a fantastic reporter. So why is he filing the our-mayor-discovers-Asian-culture-is-different-than-ours story from China? Who made him do this? We want answers. Answers and a bowl of noodles. We’d never refuse a bowl of noodles. That, according to the LAT, would be rude.

manmeat.jpgBetter Sex, Now! While those Men’s Health magazines grow, unread, into towering piles at rival newspaper’s health sections, the LAT not only reads them, but cribs with glee. Today’s section features stories telling men to have more sex, advising them how to deal with mid-life crisis, and warning men to grow a pair (of biceps).