LAT in 90 Seconds

covenant.jpgBlockbusters Lack Luster: Pirates of the Caribbean made over $1 billion so far — think about that. One. Billion. Dollars. But the film is like the mega smart girl in class who messes up the curve for everyone else. All in all, the box office has been pretty dismal, with box-office leader Covenant pulling in a mere $9 million.

allure.jpgWhat Did He Expect? We’re not sure what Patrick Goldstein wants from America. In the days after Sept. 11, 2001, Goldstein predicted in the LAT that pop culture would be changed forever. In today’s paper, he laments that it hasn’t. Were we all supposed to start listening to classical music and reading more books? Were boy bands supposed to start crooning about global injustice and challenging our leaders? Was there really any doubt that we’d be more fascinated, as a nation, in Paris Hilton’s vagina than in the massacres of Darfur? Seriously? He really thought that? It must be so lonely on Planet Patrick.

muscle.jpgJust What We Need, Another Blog: The LAT has introduced its new political blog that offers such astounding insights as 1. Politicians trade favors for cash, 2. Democrats are their own worst enemies and 3. Mark Z. Barabak goes by the nickname “The Z.”