LAT in 90 Seconds

The Stars Are Blind: In a ridiculously gianormous story, Mary McNamara writes that among Mel Gibson’s friends and colleagues, “No one saw it coming.”

The guy has fallen on and off the wagon for years. He made a Jesus snuff film that fell just short of portraying Jews as Christian blood drinkers. It’s astounding that anyone in Hollywood would have the chutzpah to say “No one saw it coming.”

And yet, they are apparently so surprised, they refuse to do anything about it (Deuce Bigelow notwithstanding): “According to Gibson’s representatives at ICM, there have been no changes in the star’s current or future projects, and a poll released early this week found that more than 70% of moviegoers would still show up to see him in a film.”

But, then, that’s Hollywood. A cool sidebar to the story runs down other actors’ brushes with the law and the repercussions (or lack thereof) they faced. The show, apparently, must go on.

Towering Debt: Three music companies stopped sending CDs to Tower Records after the legendary record shop stopped paying its bills.

The Sacramento-based Tower could be forced to close all 89 of its locations, including the beloved Sunset Strip store. We admit that we hadn’t been to the Sunset Strip store for about 10 years. But a few weeks back, when it was unnaturally hot, we took refuge in the store’s air conditioning and bought the new Muse CD. We’re saddened to think we won’t be able to do that after the iconic store becomes a Jamba Juice.

CBS’s Black Eye: CBS has its investors in a twitch, with slipping stock prices and worries that the company is going to go on a spending spree. Part of the concern is CBS’s interest in getting into the movie biz. But don’t worry, CEO Leslie Moonves says: “We have figured out a way to get into the movie business literally risk-free.”


Analysts say such a move wouldn’t necessarily be crazy, given that CBS, which gets three-fourths of its cash from ad revenue, has been hit hard by flat ad sales.

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