LAT in 90 Seconds

24241098.jpgPortrait of the Bat-Head Biter as an Old Man:
Ozzy Osbourne is tired. A few days before his fearsomely successful Ozzfest is set to descend upon San Bernardino, the Prince of Darkness-turn-concert-promoter (not much of a turn, really), says he would love to take a year off, but “it’s called the Ozzfest, and it’s pretty stupid if the person whose name is on it ain’t there.”

Buried Lede: A story about the major networks’ lackluster ad sales, tacked this little gem on at the end: CW, that hybrid of two truly awful networks, scored “more than $625 million in ad sales with rate increases of 1% to 3% compared with the WB’s rates. The network, a collaboration between CBS Corp. and Warner Bros. Entertainment, scored with more advertisers than its two predecessors.” Looks like two wrongs do make a right.

24213238.jpgBelle of the Bowl: What happens when an orchestra conductor has good indie rock taste? You get something like tonight’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl, in which Belle and Sebastian will become the first rockers in a dozen years to get start-to-finish concert accompaniment from the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The band even collaborated with the orchestra to come up with new orchestrations for the show.