LAT Farewells: Bob Sipchen

acemet.jpg Bob Sipchen, a Pulitzer winner who edited the now-dead LAT’s School Me blog, is shoving off for Sierra Magazine. Maybe it’s the mountain air, or maybe it’s the fact that he has taken the buyout after securing gainful employment. Either way, he seems pretty giddy in his farewell note to colleagues.

What is WRONG with you people? Hasn’t Susan Denley told you repeatedly that yyeditall is for official business only!? Now that a few inconsiderate buyoutees have ruined the privilege for all of us, I might as well add my goodbye.

It’s been splendid my brothers and sisters.

Anyone who happens to be near Mt. Washington tomorrow around 7:30 — and is pretty sure they weren’t the reason someone took a buyout — is welcome to stop by the Liberation Celebration we’ll have going. I, for one, will toast the Los Angeles Times and the extraordinary journalists who will continue to produce some of the strongest work in newspapers.


Bob Sipchen