LAO Afraid Sources Have Been Allegedly Compromised Which Makes for a Perfect Post

LA Observed’s Kevin Roderick’s ‘sources’ – man/woman/animal lover on the inside at the LAT’s – job has been threatened. His Deep Throat is in Deep Shit. Which makes for the perfect civil disobedient – alas most self-important post we’ve ever read:

I’ve never felt the need to do this before, but it seems prudent to alert the Los Angeles Times staffers who help me stay informed about the inner workings of the paper. According to multiple sources at the Times, new publisher Eddy Hartenstein has been calling it “treason” for employees to share information with LA Observed. Now, it’s easy to dismiss his rhetoric as beginner jitters – history has seen plenty of media publishers who naively try to muzzle the journalists who work for them, only to learn that it can’t be done.

And he goes on:

So take precautions – use your personal email, our PO box, or pick up the phone – and don’t presume they aren’t watching. And be assured that I will continue to report accurately on the Times with your help and, as always, will never divulge my sources.

We will never divulge our sources either…or write a post about how we will never divulge our sources. In fact, if anyone threatens to play ‘whack-a-mole’ with the people that give us info – we will never make a post about it and make a delicate issue – more dramatic and complicated. But hey, that’s just us.