Laid Off & Looking For Work? Toronto Publisher Recruits Laid Off Newspaper Pros

extra extraGood news for old school newspaper folks!

If you’re a newspaper professional and you’ve been laid off, Community Bulletin Newspaper Group, Inc., is offering reentry into the field based on success from The Bulletin, their Toronto community newspaper.

We hear they’re actively recruiting writers, editors and ad sales pros to create and own local community newspapers with a proven newspaper template.

Along with a tech support team for a local news website, it sounds like they’re sharing their existing abilities and contracts for newspaper professionals in cities with over 6,000 units in high-rise condos or apartment buildings to produce a local newspaper.

Local advertising is key as the full-color glossy stock community newspaper delivered by Canada Post ensures tenants receive the local paper in their own mailboxes. Story angles are local and each ownership team will oversee content.

Their requirement involves industry pros within journalism and media ad sales with track records. Their site reads: “We won’t have an Owner who’s new either to newspapers and journalism, or to media ad sales. Owners must have one or the other skill set and be in contact with others who agree to provide the missing element.”