Laid Off Biz Editor: ‘I Miss Journalism Almost Every Day’

The UNC School of Journalism’s Talking Biz News interviewed Mike Nemeth, ex-business editor of the Fresno Bee, in a heartbreaking read.

“Some part of me believes I will be the ME of a smallish paper even now,” he says. “That was my dream. Helm a 40,000 circulation paper and retire, then count kind notes from journalists I mentored.” He also admits, though, that though he loves journalism, “I also like to paint cars, rebuild houses and run marathons. Of course, none of those interests pays the bills.”

Nemeth didn’t have to worry about money, thanks to his wife’s income and a decent severance, and now he works for a nonprofit as a grantwriter. All of which is good. But someday we hope to be able to write a story about a journalist who gets to pursue his or her passion—not some simulacrum that uses most of the same brain cells.