Labor Department Says Jobless Claims Fall to Four-Month Low

ImproveJobProspectsThere’s cause for a mini celebration as we close out the week.

As per Reuters, the number of Americans filing new unemployment benefits has fallen. Not only that but it’s dropped to the lowest level in almost four months.


Yesterday the Labor Department indicated the key number was 311,000 — the lowest number of claims for state unemployment benefits since November. Interestingly enough, Reuters previously polled economists and they forecasted numbers to rise to 325,000.

We’re certainly not economists here at MediaJobsDaily but having written about jobless claims being impacted by horrid winter conditions, we can only wonder if the labor market will improve right now as cold, snowy days are behind us.

Next week the government will issue the monthly jobs report and it’s anticipated, per the piece, that the unemployment rate will be slightly decrease and stand at 6.6 percent.