A Very Sexy LA Weekly Spread

Let’s face it; it’s already the holidays. Even though there’s still one more work week to go, many of us are already mentally parked under the Mistletoe, hoping for a gainfully employed member of the opposite sex to walk by.

To suit this December 17th, year-over mood, LA Weekly has the perfect online cocktail: a gallery of 41 pictures it deems the sexiest of the year. No troublesome text to read; no deep contextual meaning to absorb. Just beefcake and cheesecake, served up on a right arrow-left arrow adorned holiday platter.

Our personal favorites? No. 3 (pictured) is a pretty damn good start, and actually sexier than most of what goes down at the related adult industry events that occasionally take over the LA Convention Center floor.

Kudos to the editors of the alt weekly for not pandering to the more obvious (and page view-beneficial) numeric total of 69 pics. And to all fellow slide show sharers, “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Xxx-Mas…”

P.S. Not sure whose idea of sexy Slide #22 is. To us, it just screams “(very) weird Home Depot help request.”