LA Weekly Redesigns Its Website

LA Weekly has given its website a much cleaner, less-cluttered look. Looks like a company-wide move, as the Village Voice and most of the other papers in the Village Voice Media chain seem to have had their sites refurbished in the same fashion. Although OC Weekly still has what looks like roughly the old format.

The new design isn’t particularly user friendly, given the massive amount of content the Weekly is generating these days. For instance, unlike most sites that update regularly–from the LA Times to Gawker–there’s no image-free panel off to the side, giving readers the chance to instantly browse the 10-or-so of the latest headlines. There is a “latest stories” panel on the Weekly‘s new design, but it’s mostly below the fold and only features three items. The redesign seems to be an acknowledgement that most of the site’s traffic comes from Google and social media–not through the homepage. Which actually makes sense. Although given the amount of effort the paper has put in to creating new blogs, it would have made sense to feature them more prominently. For instance, there are no easy-access icons for The Informer, or West Coast Sound that we can see. The Weekly‘s blogs have sufficient brand cache at this point that most could stand alone on the homepage.