LA vs. NYC: The View From Urth

Young Adult novelist and recent LA arrival Melissa de la Cruz is interviewed by literary blog ‘The Elegant Variation’ about, you guessed it, how LA is different from New York. Thankfully, she avoids reflexive LA-bashing:

The cliches about LA are mostly true: everyone IS working on a screenplay of some kind, but what they don’t tell you is that most of the working TV and screenwriters here are a great, funny, witty, sardonic bunch of people.

… And yes, I am, of course, also working on a screenplay now that I’m here, and I’m learning how fun it is to sit at the trendy Urth cafe and talk about ideas while everyone is getting up and saying hello to each other and it’s all very chi-chi and Hollywood and I love that about it, that it’s very fun and superficial and scene-y.

Note to Melissa: those people at the Urth Cafe? They’re actors.