LA Times Unveils All-Seeing, All-Knowing Billboards


If you haven’t already picked up that new copy of Blade Runner (the fifteenth in a series of seventy-nine editions that will be released over time), you might want to brush up a little on the future, because it is now upon us. AdAge is reporting on the LA Times having purchased a large block of Clear Channel‘s newly-tweaked, digital billboards all over Los Angeles. Sure, we’ve all seen these sorts of massive screens any time we’re in places like sports stadiums and in the thick of Times Square, but these billboards not only project changing, motion images, but will be connected by the internet for instantaneous updates and will have cameras connected, so the billboard can look back at drivers and report on anything around them (for instance “Ocean Monster Surfaces, Destroys Freeway”). So if you’re out there looking for a new career, it looks like we’re now going to have to start creating some new kinds of positions, like, “Sr. Internet Billboard Designer” or “Assistant Internet Billboard Copy Editor.” Here’s a bit:

The billboards’ content will rotate roughly every eight seconds, and can be updated at any time from the Times’ digital newsroom. Additionally, Clear Channel Outdoor will have its own cameras in place at each of the billboards so the newspaper can perform maintenance and follow traffic in real-time. This is the first time Clear Channel Outdoor has offered such a service to a digital-billboard client.