LA and Its Rash of Triathlete Journos

We saw that KNBC’s Chris Schauble ran the 18-Mile Students Run LA Friendship race in Sylmar over the weekend. It’s the warm-up race for the LA Marathon put on by SRLA, a group who’s mission is to encourage at-risk kids to go run around on the streets. More info about them here.

Also running the race was SoCal Connected’s Jacob Conrad.

This is what the rest of the country thinks all our television journalists look like in shorts and what they’re doing in their off time. We asked Schauble what his time was. “My time was 2:41,” he tells FBLA. “But I feel better it was really almost 19 miles. Gotta keep dropping holiday weight gain…Get back to 200-205. I’m 10 pounds away with weeks to get there.”

He tells us this is his second year running the LA marathon, “Couldn’t resist Dodger Stadium to Pacific Ocean course! That’s going to be a blast being among the first to do it!” says the athlete.

Are there other super jocky weekend warrior LA journos besides Schauble? “David Ono and Kurt Sandoval are both more experienced triathletes than I am and very helpful. We always talk tri whenever I run into them (which admittedly is infrequent).”

So does Schauble have any training tips for the rest of us? “I would just encourage other journalists to have something else to be passionate about. For me it’s fitness. It helps keep balance and has given me a new way to connect with KNBC viewers.”

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Photo credit Rich Cruse photography @richcruse