Catching Up with America’s ‘Third Most Hating Film Critic’

When Vocativ recently parsed Metacritic data to rank U.S. film critics that disagreed most frequently with the general flow of consensus, the Wall Street Journal‘s Joe Morgenstern ranked as the country’s “Most Hating” reviewer, followed by the New Yorker‘s Anthony Lane. Third was the New York Post‘s Kyle Smith, who spoke about all this with Kurt Andersen on the latest of edition of Studio 360.

Smith said he was honored to be in the same bottom-three category as Morgenstern and Lane. He also defended his negative reviews of American Hustle and Philomena:

“The average Metacritic score for Philomena was a 76,” said Andersen. “You gave it a 25. You hated it for political reasons, or cinematic reasons?”

Answered Smith: “A mix. I think the movie is very political. I think it’s aimed at sort of an easy target, which I is the Catholic church, which is the church we all love to hate. There’s no getting around the fact that this movie is very much a ‘rah rah’ for atheists and these believers are fools. Well, I’m an atheist myself but I don’t happen to think that people of faith are necessarily fools. And that association I found to be, it’s a a cheap joke. It’s an easy target.”

There aren’t too many reader comments at the bottom of the corresponding Studio 360 Web item, but enough to calculate a separate Smith ranking. Three out of four listeners give Smith the thumbs down. E.g., he basically got from them as good as he gave to Philomena.