Kuby On Imus, And Radio


Civil rights attorney Ron Kuby, one half of the former Curtis and Kuby in the Morning Show, speaks out on Don Imus, who replaced him on WABC in Newsday. Kuby, always passionate, previously told FishbowlNY, ”Radio hosts are well-compensated, but we have no more security than do chickens on a poultry farm.” In today’s opinion piece, he argues that two forces — neither of them ratings — doomed his radio show. One force is Globalization, or, as Kuby defines it, the industry trend involving the firing of local radio hosts in favor of syndicated programming. The other trend that led to his firing is Stationality, or the promotion of a single ideological voice on a station. Kuby, self-described as ”the last leftist left,” argues that he was on the losing end at the right-of-center tilting WABC, despite respectable ratings. From Newsday:

”We won awards for best this and best that. Our ratings regularly topped Imus when the two shows went head to head. Even in the demographic advertisers prize — listeners aged 25-54 — Imus and our show were close, and we were on the rise.

”None of this saved us.”

(image via nyradioguide)