Kraft’s Cheesy Yahoo Motion Ads Lifted Related Search 77%

You are getting very hungry

The difference between a static image and a slightly animated picture may be subtle, but Yahoo is claiming that its Motion Ads are leading to higher sales and increased positive brand association.  

Yahoo reported that people who saw Kraft's motion ad, which featured a steaming grilled cheese sandwich, were 77 percent more likely to search for Kraft-related keywords. Brand favorability among men went up 11 percent, and women were 7 percent more likely to purchase Kraft products. In addition, the cheesy moving picture was clicked on about 24 percent more times than a standard video ad on a login page.

"Advertisers have been very excited about this new format because the creative possibilities are really endless. We've had a number of different brand campaigns—from consumer products to technology to automotive—launch recently because it creates such a powerful form of storytelling," said Graham Harris, Yahoo's senior director of advanced creative.

Kraft was one of the first brands to sign up for the service, which launched on March 17. The premium ad offering allows marketers to use GIFs on the Yahoo homepage, vertical category homepages or on the login page.

"The Yahoo Motion Ad helped us to depict a Kraft Singles grilled cheese sandwich that was nearly as appetizing as it would be if you saw it in person, bringing us that much closer to the consumer's desired sandwich experience," Carmen-Maria Navarro, Kraft Foods senior brand manager, said, adding that the company may use motion ads again for another campaign. 

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